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Car Accident Lawyer Phil Santa Maria

Car Accident Lawyer
Phil Santa Maria

Although I’m a practicing car accident lawyer, I believe you can safely settle 80% to 90% of all car accident claims yourself. Without a lawyer. Without paying legal fees. And without the insurance company taking advantage of you.

No, good settlements don’t happen automatically. You have to make them happen. But if you can read this page, you are capable of learning all you need to know to settle your own car accident claim. It’s that simple.

And it won’t take long, either. Probably 2 to 3 hours.

That’s how much time it will take to add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your settlement.

I offer three different levels of help. Choose the one that works best for you.

First, this website is full of information-packed, been-there-done-that articles on all aspects of car accident claims. It’s all free.

Second, you can get my free 10-part mini-course called “Car Accident Claims Tips.” The course emphasizes practical tips that will put additional money in your pocket. Use the form at the end of this article to enroll in the course. As soon as you confirm your request, the first lesson will be sent to you.

Third, I have written an ebook called The Car Accident Claims Kit. This is not a pamphlet or a mini-book. It is over 200 pages and includes all the information, forms, checklists and examples you need to settle your claim yourself for full value.

The new SECOND EDITION of my ebook has added even more information on the essential subjects of how to prepare demand letters (that’s how you initiate settlement negotiations) and how to negotiate with the insurance company. In moments, you can learn secrets it took me years to learn.

On top of that, the SECOND EDITION includes, at no additional cost, an ACTION GUIDE which walks you through the 20 key steps to a fair car accident settlement.


Yes, you can safely settle most car accident claims. I call these “routine claims,” such as claims arising out of rear-end collisions and other accidents where the responsibility is clear and the injuries are relatively minor.

But there are claims you should not try to settle yourself.

If your claim involves disputed liability, serious injuries such as broken bones, herniated discs and head injuries, large financial losses or permanent injuries, don’t be foolish. Consult with the best car accident lawyer you can find. To help you, I’ve written an article about finding, choosing and hiring a car accident lawyer.

Good luck. Let me know about your successes.